Stop calling yourself an entrepreneur. The term used to stand for something. I say used to because now I am not sure if it means anything at all. 

I had the recent displeasure of being stuck in a conversation with someone who over the course of the last couple years has become at least in his eyes the ultimate entrepreneur. If you were to glance at his social media, you might believe it.

Unfortunately its all a fallacy complete with imaginary business dealings, clients, and ventures. In fact, I believe that this particular individual spends so much time being a Sim Entrepreneur that reality and fantasy have become hopelessly intertwined.

Well, I am here to help out. I have created a simple list that may help diagnose that you are suffering from Entreprenuritis and some advice that will send you on the fast track to recovery:

1) Do you introduce yourself as an entrepreneur? If so stop immediately, it's just horrible. 

2) Do you sleep on your friends or families sofa or is it your favorite story about your humble beginnings? If you are currently domiciled on a sofa stop; there is nothing good about it. Find a roommate, your friends and family don't want you on their sofa, and it doesn't make your story any more believable, inspiring, or epic. 

(Side note, sofa, and MacBook Pro don't add up!)

3) Do you intentionally dress down? This is another characteristic I do not get? Would it kill you to throw on a button-up shirt, a blazer and a decent pair of shoes? 

4) Do you take meetings just for the sake of meetings when a call would suffice? Stop this immediately 

5) Do you have a different entrepreneurial endeavor every single week? For clarification purposes, you can have multiple interests, but until an individual venture allows you to get off the sofa, I would suggest focus.

6) Do you sleep more than 7 hours a night? Let me qualify this by saying I am not endorsing sleep deprivation I am just saying 8 hours of sleep a night is for puppies!

7) Do you find yourself unable to engage in a full conversation without the use of the following word/s: Crush, grind, take-down, or think-big?

If you answered yes to 4 or more of these questions, then there's a real possibility that you have entrepreneurITIS. Take heart because its rarely fatal and long-term prognosis is good and favorably influenced by you cutting out the nonsense meetings, purposeful poor attire and constant use of the word crush. 

Godspeed young entrepreneur!