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The Future Of Law … Talk Radio Show

Tuesdays 8pm PST | Re-Air: Sundays 7pm PST
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Lawyer-entrepreneur Charles Lew and Co-Host/Producer Jenna Ben-Ami discuss the future of law and business with industry titan guests as they tell their stories and advise on how to get ahead and stay ahead during these changing times.

Many of the same guests that will appear on the show are panelists at our exclusive quarterly events with Forbes LA Business Council. Each event focuses on a different niche/industry with leading entrepreneurs.

Follow us on social media (@thecharleslew @thejennaben @thefutureoflaw) and LinkedIn to see who will be on next and submit your questions to be answered by our guests each show!

To recommend an expert to be featured on The Future of Law, or to attend one of our events, reach out via the Contact Us tab.

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